The Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers’ Market

We strive to bring to the community a source of good quality, flavourful food and goods produced by local farmers, food creators and artisans. As an Alberta Approved Market we are committed to ensuring that at least 80% of our vendors sell products which they, a family member, a staff member or a member of a producer-owned cooperative have made, baked or grown.

Many of our farmers operate small family farms that use traditional methods but have decided not to obtain organic certificatin due to limiting factors like cost. We encourage you to ask all vendors about their growing and production methods when you visit the market.

Come for the goods, stay for the fun. Live music and special guests have made the market a place to stay and enjoy. Children especially enjoy a chat with a visiting clown or face painter. Special market events including salsa competitions, the children’s market, or the harvest market, have enriched the market and made it a not-to-be-missed summer Wednesday destination in Calgary.

Market Manifesto

  • The HSFM will provide a source of good quality, flavourful food and goods for the inner-city community.
  • The HSFM will provide a venue committed to allowing farmers/producers/food artisans to make a fair living for the challenging and vital work they do.
  • The HSFM will foremost support local farmers, food creators, and artisans that are organic, or transitioning to organic.
  • The HSFM will have a large variety of vendors, encompassing a broad spectrum of products to attract a diverse demographic.
  • The HSFM will be a gathering space for the community and a desired destination beyond just food; themed markets, live music, children’s activities, and featured community-based organizations will contribute to this. Patrons will be drawn from beyond the Hillhurst Sunnyside boundaries.
  • The HSFM will be a place to bring together the urban and rural areas, bridging the divide between our populations and between food producers and consumers.
  • The HSFM will actively engage in and support the Community Food Strategy and initiatives relating to community food security.