Know Your Farmer
  • November 22, 2014
Know Your Farmer

Farmers’ Market 3-7pm and Local 301: Urban Agriculture Workshop at 7pm on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014.

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Do you think about where your food comes from? How about the people who grow it?

Join us for an evening of meeting the farmers that grow the food we eat. There will be an opportunity to hear from farmers, both urban and rural, on what they do and why they do it followed by discussions on bridging the gap between urban and rural farming and how they are both important in building a strong and sustainable local food system.
Special guests will include: Dennis Scanland (YYC Growers), Dana Penrice and Ted Chastko (C&E Meats), Blake and Ang Hall (Prairie Gold Meats), Mike Kozlowski and Jennie Greven (Steel Pony Farm) and more!

We are proud to be partnering with Young Agrarians (YA)for this workshop. YA is a grassroots initiative made up of agriculturalists and media conspirators intent on growing food sustainably. They are known for their Farmer Mixers, bringing together farmers and eaters for fun, educational and innovative events –we think that this is just what you can expect from our Know Your Farmer workshop!

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