Market Highlight | Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

An example of a large family share from on our of local CSA programs (minus the popcorn and honey!)

An example of a large family share from on our of local CSA programs (minus the popcorn and honey!)

If you like to support local, you may have already heard of Community Supported Agriculture programs. These programs are popping up all across Canada and provide a great way for you to connect with your farmer. 

Community Supported Agriculture is based on a shared risk strategy. As a consumer, you buy into a CSA program with a specific farm or organization at the beginning of the season. This lump sum of fiscal capital allows the Farmer to purchase required inputs, equipment etc. You then pick up a weekly or bi-weekly box of produce from that farm. By pre-purchasing your vegetables and fruit, you agree to share the risks of the agriculture industry with your Farmer. 

The agriculture industry is a very volatile one; disease, extreme weather events, high cost of production and more can severely impact a farm's ability to produce. Regardless of these risks, at market, and wholesale prices do not change to compensate for a poor yield. CSA programs help to mitigate this risk and ensure that the Farmer gets paid a proper wage for their hard work. 

There is a wide range of CSA models- from a standard box of available vegetables, to ones with a bit more choice allowing you to select certain products you prefer. Regardless of the model, these programs allow you to access high quality, local products on a weekly basis with minimal effort. This is a great choice for households of all sizes as many farms now offer small and large box options. 

CSA's are a flexible, convenient way to support your local producers and GET TO KNOW YOUR GROWER!

There are currently three CSA programs operating out of the Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers' Market for the indoor season. Explore the links below and choose a farm or model that works best for you and your family! 

YYC Growers

Eagle Creek

Noble Gardens