Guest Post | Calgary Dollars- a complimentary currency unique to YYC

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by: Hunter (Resource Worker at Calgary Dollars)

Calgary Dollars is a local and complimentary currency created to promote sustainability and community engagement. Founded in 1996, it is used by an incredibly broad and diverse group of community organizations, businesses, and users.  As a local currency, Calgary dollars can be used to pay for portions of goods and services offered by participating users and businesses. It exists as a physical and digital currency and can be used on our Calgary Dollars online listings website and through the Calgary Dollars app. Businesses and Users set the proportion of Calgary Dollars accepted, which ranges anywhere from 10-100%.  With this in mind, the driving force behind Calgary Dollars is facilitating strong relationships and connections between local businesses and community members to facilitate sustainability. 

The HSCA Farmers market, as a popular community driven market, promotes sustainable and local businesses and engages community members to buy locally,  perfectly in line with Calgary Dollars! Calgary Dollars is at the HSCA farmers market to encourage people to purchase goods from their fellow community members, while also facilitating the many economic benefits of a local currency. Vendors at the HSCA farmers market can pay part of their vending fee in Calgary Dollars. We encourage visitors, shoppers, and businesses alike to sign up at our Calgary Dollars booth that will be present at the market, and complete our intake survey for a free C$15 $Calgary Dollars!

We are happy to participate in the HSCA farmers market this summer, and are looking forward to meeting the many fantastic people and businesses that participate. Over the summer, we will also be bringing our Open Streets pedal power bikes to help demonstrate the importance of energy efficiency in our everyday lives. Our bikes can power and charge various electronic devices and cellphones, but also demonstrate the amount of energy these devices consume on a regular basis. Finally, to help promote sustainable and active transportation within the city, we will be raffling a MEC Origami bike that can be folded and carried on Calgary Transit trains and buses at any time of the day.

Community building and shopping locally are concepts at the heart of Calgary Dollars, and we hope to see you come to the HSCA Farmersmarket. Come check out fantastic local businesses, enter to win our MEC bike, and use Calgary Dollars!